Friday, February 19, 2010

Greco-Egyptian Influence


  1. Quite interesting, however the spelling is wrong: For example the correct Greek word is Αζαθώθ not Ασαθωθ, its Γιογκ-Σοθώθ not ΙακΣήθωθ, Νυαρλαθοτέπ not Νιαρλατ’οτεπ etc.

  2. The idea is not to present a standardized spelling based on the usual transliteration of HPL into Greek. Rather I am presenting a transliteration (into Greek characters) of the Egyptian hieroglyphics for various names and magical word-formulae, as was done in so many ancient Greco-Egyptian magical texts. So Νυαρλαθοτέπ would not be a correct transliteration because the final word is "hotep"(hetep) not "thotep". I hope that clarifies.