Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kthulu خذولُ

The monstrous being called Kthulu خذولُ . He was considered one of "the Old Ones" (الشيوخ‎ ash-shuyūkh), which is to say that he was one of the terrible Gods/Jinn worshiped by Arab pagans during the Jahiliyyah (جاهلية)

Some scholars identify him with Moloch. However, he is more commonly identified as Shaitan (شيطان ‎): لقد اضلني عن الذكر بعد اذ جاءني وكان الشيطان للانسان خذولا

Some have even suggested that Kthulu is the "soul" of Iram (إرَم) and that Shaddad (شدّاد) was his avatar on earth.

Whatever his ultimate derivation, his worship was surely one of the most degenerate forms of Shirk (شرك‎)

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